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Nexus Repository 3 - Apt Repository Format

Apt Repository Format for Nexus Repository 3.x


Version 1.0.3 was released January 2, 2018

Download from GitHub

Basic usage


  • Clone the project:
    • git clone
  • Build the pluguin:
    • cd nexus-repository
    • mvn


  • Stop Nexus:
    • service nexus stop or
    • cd <nexus_dir>/bin
    • ./nexus stop
  • Enable Nexus console: edit <nexus_dir>/bin/nexus.vmoptions and change karaf.startLocalConsole to true.
  • Run Nexus' console:
    • # sudo su - nexus
    • $ cd <nexus_dir>/bin
    • $ ./nexus run
    • > bundle:install file:///tmp/nexus-repository-apt-1.0.2.jar
    • > bundle:list (look for net.staticsnow:nexus-repository-apt ID, should be the last one)
    • > bundle:start <net.staticsnow:nexus-repository-apt ID>

Manually upload a package to a new created repo:

curl -u user:pass -X POST -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" --data-binary "@package.deb" http://nexus_url:8081/repository/repo_name/


These are third party contributions, and are awesome. However, it is worth noting that they are NOT SUPPORTED by Sonatype, and if any support does exist, it will be through the contributor themselves. See footer for details.

Michael Poindexter

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