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Nexus Lifecycle Docker Image

A Docker image for running Nexus Lifecycle


Version latest was released January 6, 2017

Download from Docker Hub

Basic usage

To run the container with an exposed port on the host of 8070 (the default port of Sonatype) and a volume on the host to store the configuration data, run this command:

$ docker run -d -p 8070:8070 -v /home/user/sonatype:/opt/sonatype/sonatype-work -v /home/user/sonatype-log:/opt/sonatype/log fastglass/sonatype-lifecycle


  • Exposed ports: 8070
  • Volumes:
    • /sonatype-work/: Volume to store the Sonatype data
    • /log/: Volume to store the server logs

Build Image

$ docker build -t sonatype-lifecycle

Note: This Docker container is not associated with Sonatype and is not an official container. Sonatype Lifecycle is downloaded from Sonatype's website in the build process.

Brady Owens

Company Fastglass