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Repository Management with Nexus - Sonatype (Book)

An introduction to repository management and the official documentation for {oss} and {pro}.


Version latest was released December 14, 2016

Download from GitHub

Basic usage

Repository Management with Nexus

About the Book

An introduction to repository management and the official documentation for {oss} and {pro}.The book is available in HTML and PDF format at

About this Project

This is the source code and build setup for the book. The content is written in asciidoc format. To edit asciidoc, use Emacs, vi, TextMate or whatever other text editor you prefer. You can even just preview the files right in github and edit them on the web interface directly.The main file for the book is

  • book-nexus.asciidoc

which in turn includes a whole bunch of files named

  • chapter-*.asciidoc

These are all you should have to edit in terms of text content.

Figures and screenshots?

Put them into figs/orig.The rest is taken care of by the build.

Anything else?

You’ll see a lot of distracting files in that directory. For now, you should just ignore them. Actually, in general, you’ll notice a number of distracting files in this project. Really, just ignore them or contact us directly if you need something.

How to Build the Book

I knew you’d ask that, and here’s the simple answer:

  • Install asciidoc
  • Install dblatex and the docbook xsl style sheets
  • Install python
  • Install imagemagick
  • run ./

Build is known to work on Mac OS X and Ubuntu. If you use something else you might or might not end up in trouble.

Issues, Contributions and More

If you have any suggestions or requests please file an issue at can be contributed as pull requests and are very welcome.ThanksSonatype Team


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