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Nexus Repository - Artifact Import Scripts

These are bare bones bash scripts to import a Nexus 2 Maven, NuGet or npm repository (and likely other file system based repos) into Nexus Repository 3.


Version latest was released March 24, 2017

Download from GitHub

Basic usage

Wut does it do?

Imports artifacts into a Nexus Repository 3 Maven2, NuGet or npm hosted repo.

Wut does it not do?

Literally anything else. You want security? Better set it up yourself.

How do I use it?

  • Maven
    • cd rootdirectorywithallyourartifacts
    • ./ -u admin -p admin123 -r http://localhost:8084/repository/maven-releases/
    • Watch a bunch of verbose output from curl
    • If need be, change -u to user, -p to password, and -r (I bet you'll have to change this) to the repo you want to upload in to
  • NuGet
    • cd rootdirectorywithallyournugetpackages
    • ./ -k APIKEYFROMNEXUS - r http://localhost:8084/repository/nuget-hosted/
    • Watch the money roll in and the haters start askin
    • You'll need to obtain your APIKEY for Nexus Repository, and obviously set -r to the repo path you want to us
  • npm

Jeffry Hesse

Company Sonatype