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  • Add Component and Asset Counts per Repository

    Display some place in the UI component and asset counts per repository.
  • CI Server Script

    Scripts to install CI server for Java development
  • Configure Nexus Jenkins Plugin

    Step-by-step configuration documentation
  • Create Content Selectors, Privileges, Roles Programmatically

    A groovy script to create Content Selectors, privileges, and roles programmatically via the Scripting API.
  • Example Provisioning API Scripts

    A collection of example scripts for working with the Nexus Repository 3.x Provisioning API
  • FlexDeploy - Nexus Plugin Guide

    The FlexDeploy Nexus plugin provides integration for retrieving an artifact from Nexus Repository Manager and placing it in either the FlexDeploy temp directory or the FlexDeploy artifact repository
  • Gitflow Helper Maven Plugin

    An extension and plugin that teaches Maven to work well with gitflow projects and CI servers.
  • Gitlab Token Auth Plugin

    Nexus Authentication using a Gitlab User token
  • HipChat for Nexus plugin

    Notify one or more HipChat rooms when artifacts matching a pattern are uploaded.
  • Jenkins Build Policy Evaluation Pushed to GitHub

    Justin Young discusses the Nexus Platform plugin for Jenkins and how it can be utilized in Jenkins pipelines to push commit statuses to GitHub.
  • Maven Artifact Resolver

    Standalone jar executable client Maven 2 artifact resolver based on Eclipse Aether.
  • Mesosphere’s Enterprise DC/OS environment & Nexus Repository

    Deploy Nexus Repository as a free solution for managing open source components and Docker containers.
  • Nexus Lifecycle Docker Image

    A Docker image for running Nexus Lifecycle
  • Nexus Lifecycle Docker Image

    A Dockerfile for Sonatype Nexus IQ Server, based on CentOS.
  • Nexus Maven Plugins

    Collection of Apache Maven plugins supporting Nexus Suite.
  • Nexus Platform - Jenkins Plugin

    A plugin for integrating Nexus Repository Manager and Nexus Lifecycle into a Jenkins Job.
  • Nexus Presentations and Labs

    Presentations and labs suitable for a lunch-and-learn/brown bag session or a user group meeting with sample material available for anybody interested to use it.
  • Nexus Repository - Artifact Import Scripts

    These are bare bones bash scripts to import a Nexus 2 Maven, NuGet or npm repository (and likely other file system based repos) into Nexus Repository 3.
  • Nexus Repository - Puppet Module

    Install and configure Sonatype Nexus.
  • Nexus Repository 3 - Ansible Role

    This role installs and configures Nexus Repository Manager OSS version 3.x on CentOS/RHEL.
  • Nexus Repository 3 - Apt Repository Format

    Apt Repository Format for Nexus Repository 3.x
  • Nexus Repository 3 - Puppet Module

    Puppet Module for Sonatype Nexus 3 aims to offer native configuration of Nexus instances in Puppet. The module uses Nexus REST interface to manage configuration.
  • Nexus Repository 3 - R Repository Format

    R Repository Format for Nexus Repository 3.x
  • Nexus Repository 3 - S3 Blobstore

    This project allows Nexus Repository to store the components and assets in Amazon AWS S3 instead of a local filesystem.
  • Nexus Repository 3 - Vagrant Environment

    Vagrant Environment for a Nexus Repository OSS 3 service
  • Nexus Repository Manager 2.x - Example Plugins

    Some examples of Nexus plugins for Repository Manager 2.x
  • Nexus Repository Manager 3.x - https Docker Image

    Dockerized version of Nexus Repo Manager 3 with HTTPS configured
  • Nexus Repository Manager Ant Tasks Plugin

    Nexus Ant Tasks
  • Nexus Repository Manager Staging Maven Plugin

    The official Nexus Staging Maven Plugin and the Nexus M2Settings Maven Plugin from Sonatype.
  • Nexus Repository: Ant / Aether Example Project

    Two example projects for using Ant / Aether with Nexus Repository Manager
  • Nexus Repository: Ant / Ivy Example Projects

    Two example projects for using Ant / Ivy with Nexus Repository Manager
  • Nexus Repository: Blob Store Explorer

    A CLI tool for exploring the Nexus Repository Blob Store
  • Nexus Repository: Gradle Example Projects

    Two example projects for using Gradle with Nexus Repository Manager
  • Nexus Repository: Maven Example Projects

    Two example projects for using Maven with Nexus Repository Manager
  • Nexus Repository: Raw Repo Example

    An example script for uploading to a Nexus Repository - Raw Hosted Repository
  • Python API and Command Line Interface

    Python API and command-line interface for working with Sonatype Nexus
  • Repository Management with Nexus - Sonatype (Book)

    An introduction to repository management and the official documentation for {oss} and {pro}.
  • Repository Manager Alpine, Ubuntu Docker Images

    A collection of Nexus Repository Docker images that run on Alpine, Ubuntu and .
  • Ruby CLI for Nexus Repository

    A CLI wrapper around Sonatype Nexus REST calls.
  • VSTS Build Extension

    A VSTS Build Extension for uploading artifacts to Nexus Repository 2.x
  • XebiaLabs - XL Release - IQ Server Plugin

    The xlr-sonatype-nexus-iq-plugin is a XL Release plugin that enables the evaluation of a binary within Nexus IQ
  • Your contribution here

    Have you made something awesome for Nexus? Tell us about it!